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Planting a forest, one policy at a time

Did you know that due to extensive deforestation, the Earth now has 46%* fewer trees than it did 12,000 years ago** and that experts estimate the last of the world's rainforests will disappear in less than 40 years?

Don't worry if you didn't, but now that we've got the facts, we can commit to doing something about it.

At Zurich, we are dedicated to providing sustainable, eco-friendly services while protecting our customers. That's why for every Life Insurance policy bought online, we've pledged to plant a tree to help reduce carbon emissions.

Thanks to our partnership with Tree-Nation, we want to ensure the planet is as effectively protected as our customers.

How does the initiative work?

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We’ve partnered with Tree-Nation, a reforestation initiative aiming to stop climate change, one tree at a time.

From now until 30 July 2019, every customer who buys a life insurance policy online will have the opportunity to plant a tree. So as well as protecting your family’s financial future, you'll be helping the planet too - twice the peace of mind for you, and with your help, we could have a forest in no time!

Once you've purchased your policy, you'll be able to plant and track your tree's progress as it grows in the Zurich forest. You can even register to get a certificate and news about similar reforestation projects.

If you choose not to plant your tree, simply ignore the confirmation email.


Why plant trees?

Although it might seem we have plenty of our green-leafed friends, estimates suggest between 3.5 and 7 billion*** trees are cut down each year. That's a lot of trees that would otherwise have worked to absorb harmful CO2 from our atmosphere, enrich ecosystems and improve the quality of our increasingly polluted air.

So instead of asking why we should plant trees, perhaps the question needs to be how many? That's why we've partnered with Tree-Nation to ensure every customer who buys a life insurance policy online will have the opportunity to plant a tree.

You can even track your tree and how you’re helping the environment on the Zurich Forest page.

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Our commitment to sustainability

Zurich is committed to protecting our environment, both as a responsible insurer and an environmentally-conscious company.

We are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and continuously seek opportunities to reduce energy and water use, waste, commuter/business travel and paper consumption. We also consider the environment when designing products and services.

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